Benefits to Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

When it comes to keeping your carpets clean and healthy, don't underestimate the power of vacuuming your carpets. However, there are just times when you need a professional cleaning. Unless you find yourself hosting events which seem to always end with numerous heavy stains and spills, then you don’t need to have your carpets professionally cleaned. For the regular day-to-activities, giving your carpet a regular vacuuming each week is a powerful way to keep your carpet looking its best. However, this action can only do so much and should be used as a complement to regular professional carpet cleaning.

How Can a CleanPro Professional Carpet Cleaning Benefit You and Your Home?

If you have never had your carpet or upholstered items professionally cleaned by CleanPro before and are interested in finding out some of the benefits, Midland Cleanpro is here to help with the following article geared towards that very information!

Stain Removal

Let’s start with arguably the most common benefit - stain removal. While a grown adult won’t like to admit that they have an evil-nemesis, there are some stains which seem to take on that very role! And, try you may, they just can’t be defeated. Enter:  Midland Cleanpro. Through the use of proprietary equipment and cleaning solution, Midland Cleanprocan not only remove heavy stains from your carpet, but do so in a way which minimizes damage to your carpet and its lifespan. In contrast to other heavy duty cleaning methods, this can lead to a carpet which looks its best for longer.

Recovery Time - Hours Not Days

Do you remember the days when you would hire a steam-cleaner and do the work yourself? You would fill the machine with hot water, pour in the solution, and away you would go! Depending on how big your home was, it likely took a few refills. This, of course, led to the dreaded wait time. This was the part where you had to somehow manage to end your cleaning at the front door with your family in the car, packed and ready to drop off the machine and go away for the weekend while your carpet dried. With the Midland Cleanpro's ION Exchange cleaning system, very little water is used combined with a very small amount of purpose designed cleaning fluid. The result? A carpet which is not only cleaner and healthier than one which has been attacked by a steam-cleaning machine, but carpets which you can walk on in a matter of hours! That’s right - hours! Keeping your carpets looking their best for as long as possible depends on a mixture of how well you treat your carpets, your basic cleaning schedule, and how regular your professional cleaning services are. Speak with Midland Cleanpro today by calling (615) 208-0908 to talk about your carpet type, how often you should have it professionally cleaned, and how Cleanpro's ION exchange cleaning system can benefit you.

Mold Prevention

Continuing the memory above, you likely also remember that when you did return to your carpets, they weren’t entirely dry, or they weren’t even dry at all. For example, areas under your furniture don’t often receive a lot of light and air flow and so they can take a while to dry when soaked. While you may have thought this was a nice feeling to walk on and meant your carpets were clean, it actually just means that your carpets are still wet. If you have ever looked up at your bathroom ceiling then you know just what happens when you combine this with a damp and dark environment, such as the environment at the root of your carpet. Mold growth in your carpet is a serious problem because it can not only cause health concerns in your home, but because if it goes largely unnoticed for an extended period, once discovered, the damage is often quite extensive. By removing the action of soaking carpets with a steam cleaner, carpets which have been cleaned using Cleanpro's ION exchange cleaning system don’t share this level of risk, as the very little moisture which is used for the cleaning service dries within hours, not giving mold a chance to grow!

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Brentwood Is Only a Phone Call Away

If it is time for your carpets to be given a thorough clean or you are looking at a stain which has got the better of you, help is at hand. Speak with Midland Cleanpro today at (615) 208-0908 to find out more about how Cleanpro’s ION exchange carpet cleaning system can benefit your home and carpet.

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