There are many aspects to take into consideration when choosing the right carpet for your home. This article has reasons to consider choosing a darker carpet.

Choosing a carpet is in no way an easy task. Given that your carpet will be in your home for, at minimum, 10 years, whichever color and style you choose now will be seen for a good time to come. For this reason, it’s good to give serious thought to which color and style you want.

Have You Considered a Dark Carpet

To help you with your decision making, below is an article from Midland Cleanpro about the benefits of choosing a darker colored carpet.

Doesn’t Draw the Eye

There are some carpets which immediately draw focus, such as plush white carpets or a carpet with a style printed or woven into it. And while this can be a great feature piece for your home, given just how much space it covers, it can often draw attention away from the many other style choices you have made in your home. A darker colored carpet doesn’t come with this drawback. Given its unobtrusive nature, choosing a darker colored carpet allows your many other design choices around your home to truly shine and show off your home’s personality.


If you expect to hear this a lot in your home, then darker colored carpets can be a great choice. While you will be vigilant with your cleaning, when it comes to everyday dirt and dust buildup, there’s no denying that a darker colored carpet hides it better and gives you more time between your cleanings before your carpet truly looks like it needs your attention. This can be particularly beneficial if your carpeted areas are close to where food is prepared or eaten, such as a dining room or even a playroom for your children. Brighter colored or patterned carpets, on the other hand, are quick to show any and all dirt which is walked in or blown in from the outdoors, leaving you to clean less often. If your carpet is looking a bit worse-for-wear or you are staring down a stain which has got the better of you, MIdland Cleanpro can help. Speak with a professional by calling (432) 889-7199 and ask about how Cleanpro's ION Exchange carpet cleaning system can not only bring your carpets back to life, but have you walking on them again in a matter of hours and not days.

Longer Lifespan

The type of carpet you choose can play a large role in just how long your carpet will last. If you choose a long haired carpet then it can often show signs of wear easily, given that general foot traffic can loosen fibers and make it look shaggy. It’s a similar story for lighter colored carpets, as they are quick to show signs of wear as a result of the above mentioned foot traffic, pet damage, or even slight stains. Even though darker colored carpets will age, they can still tend to hide their age a lot better, making it harder to notice that they are aged.

An Elegant Feel

Just like a little black dress or a nice black tuxedo, a black or darker colored carpet can add a sense of elegance to your home. If you have ever walked into a high-end fashion store then you know exactly the type of look and feel a dark carpet can create. This can be particularly beneficial if you are looking to create an expensive look in your home, and it works particularly well if you are planning on installing artwork around your home. If this is the look you want for your home, then darker colored carpets are for you.

Change the Perception of Your Space

If you have a large open space, then brighter colored carpets can often leave your home feeling bare. This isn't because you don’t have a lot of furnishings, but simply because you and your guests are looking at a large area of plain bright colors. Choosing a darker colored carpet can close in the perspective of your home’s space, giving your home an intimate and cozier feel than a bright color or pattern.

The Best Carpet Cleaning in Midland, TX

If it’s time for your carpet to undergo a professional cleaning, don’t risk damaging it with regular steam cleaning. Instead, opt for a safer and eco-friendly method, such as Cleanpro’s ION Exchange carpet cleaning system. To find out more and to book an appointment, speak with a carpet cleaning expert at Midland Cleanpro by calling (432) 889-7199 today.

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