Are you thinking about putting carpet flooring in your child's bedroom? Read this post by Cleanpro Midland and learn about aspects you should consider before making your final decision.

Carpet flooring can be the perfect choice for your child's bedroom or playroom. When it comes to carpet flooring for children, choosing the most durable and practical option is essential. In this post by Cleanpro Midland, you will learn about aspects you should consider before making your final decision. Children normally spend a great amount of time crawling and playing on the floor. Carpet flooring can prevent small accidents from happening as it's softer and helps reduce slipping. It also reduces noise, so your child's playtime can become more peaceful than ever before. It is also comfortable and allows your child to play over a surface that has a nice and warm temperature.


When it comes to the material, it's crucial to choose a fabric that is both durable and comfortable. Some fibers are more resistant and durable than others, so take your time choosing the right fiber for your carpet. Here are the most popular carpet fibers for children's rooms: 
  • Polyester: polyester fiber is an excellent choice as the material is very durable and has a high resistance level for stains and soiling. Choosing carpet flooring made from polyester allows for you to have a practical option for your child's bedroom flooring at a reasonable price.
  • P.E.T.: this fiber offers a great variety of colors and style options. You can decorate any room and at the same time, have a very durable material. You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns that can help hide any tear or stain that may be hard to get rid of.
  • Nylon: nylon also has a great variety of styles, colors, and textures with the added benefit of softness and comfort. It has the advantage of being easy to clean.
  • Triexta: triexta is a synthetic, and natural fiber blended carpet. Its unique fiber is very durable and has a built-in stain and soil protection. This is one of the best materials as it is considered to be very 'child-proof.'
When choosing carpet flooring, pay special attention to the color you choose. Choosing a carpet with a darker shade can be of great help when it comes to hiding stains and other visible wear and tear elements. Especially when it comes to children, having a darker color carpet can be a smart choice.

No matter the material and color you choose, make sure your carpets last long and stay in great shape by hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. The professionals at Cleanpro Midland will ensure your carpet has a long life, even with children. For more information, call (432) 889-7199.

Modular Carpet or Wall to Wall

Wall to wall carpet is the most common choice when it comes to carpet flooring. It allows for a variety of styling choices and looks. It also allows for a softer and plusher feel compared to carpet tile, especially when choosing the right underlay material. Wall to wall capers flooring offers excellent durability and quality. Modular carpet is convenient in the sense that it allows you to change any piece of the carpet if needed. When having children, carpets have to endure their share of food and drink spills, as well as paint, playdough, and other materials that children play with. With modular carpet, you can easily change the part you need to be replaced and avoid having to replace the entire carpet flooring. It is also a less expensive way of ensuring that your house stays in top condition.

The best way of preventing carpet damage is by giving your carpet flooring the proper care. If you want to ensure a long-lasting life for your carpet, speak with an expert at Cleanpro Midland, TX, and learn about their ION exchange carpet cleaning system. For more information, call (432) 889-7199.

Keep Things Clean

Having a clean house and clean carpets are important to prevent health issues not only for your child but for your whole family. Having a clean carpet helps avoid any asthma or allergy-related health issues. Deep cleaning is necessary and can ensure your family's wellbeing. Develop a cleaning schedule; regular vacuuming can make a big difference when it comes to keeping your carpets clean. Create the habit of vacuuming at least once a week to get better results. The best way of ensuring a clean and germ-free carpet is by hiring a professional cleaning service. With the right maintenance, your carpets can last up to 12 years looking their best.

To ensure your carpets have a long life and look like new, hire the professionals at Cleanpro Charlotte, Midland, TX. They offer the best carpet cleaning service that will ensure your house looks and stays in its best condition. For more information on their ION exchange cleaning service, call (432) 889-7199 and schedule your appointment today.

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