Classic photo frames, your child's first piece of art, and a winning report card. These are all things that come together to turn your house into a home. A bad carpet, not so much. Replacing your carpet isn't often a priority on the home maintenance list. However, if left unattended, your home's carpet can cause problems greater than just a bad looking floor.

Is It Time to Replace Your Carpet?

Midland Cleanpro has a top list of indicators to keep your eye out for that suggest it's time to give some serious thought to replacing your carpet.

It Smells

You're sure that it's coming from the hallway, but you're also pretty sure it's the basement. Or is it your bedroom? If you can smell an unpleasant odor in your home that you just can't identify, it's time to give your carpet a smell. If you don't undertake regular carpet cleanings to keep your carpets clean, then dirt, debris, and liquids can make their way into your home and onto your carpet. As you can imagine, the more you and your family walk, the greater the smells grows. While some smells can be cleaned out, there are going to be some that are just too deep. It's times like those when you should consider replacing your carpet. You may not need to recarpet that whole room, however, you should consider as large an area as you can around the cause of the odor.

It REALLY Smells

Speaking of your nose, if you are an allergy sufferer, then clean carpets are particularly important to you. However, if you have left it too long, pollutants can make their way into your carpet fibers. While regular carpet cleaning in Midland, TX can keep them out, you can't be in a perpetual state of vacuuming your carpet. If you have noticed that your allergies are acting up more than usual, consider your carpet as being a potential culprit. Pollen, leaves, dirt, and all manner of outside allergy irritants can easily make their way into your home by way of your family, your visitors, and even you! To get rid of these allergens, speak with a professional who knows what they're doing. Midland Cleanpro utilizes their Cleanpro ION exchange cleaning process which requires minimal liquid to achieve outstanding results. Call today at (615) 208-0908 to book an appointment to revitalize your carpets. If you notice that your carpets just keep collecting allergens in between your appointments, the tip of replacing your carpet comes in the form of an allergy reduction strategy. Long haired carpets can be replaced by short hair alternatives which are more easily vacuumed and less likely to retain pollutants.

It Looks Bad

That wine stain that you covered with the coffee table - that's not too bad. The coffee (wine) stain that you covered by moving your dining table - it's barely visible! How about the chocolate (wine) stain on the stairs? It isn't too noticeable. The big patch of black where somebody dropped a hefty amount of oil (wine) that wasn't cleaned up correctly is, however, an indicator that it may be time to take some action! If you are constantly apologizing to new guests at your home about a familiar stain, then it's time to replace your carpet. While you shouldn't dress your home up for your guests, a nice looking home can be attributed to well organized and reliable personalities.

It Has Frayed

Continuing on from looks, frayed carpets are the worst! As soon as one thread comes out, 7,000,000 (or so it can look!) seem to appear overnight, and only seem to grow as people keep walking over them. The biggest concern with frayed carpets at this level are the health risks they can pose to toddlers in your home. They can become a serious tripping hazard. To prevent accidents, either get it repaired or replaced.

It Is Exposing Your Padding

Carpet padding is great at performing its job because your carpet works to protect it from much of the debris and moisture that make their way into and through your home. When it has become frayed, such as the point above, it becomes exposed to the elements. As you can imagine, padding is going to absorb any spills and general moisture quickly, leading to mold growth. Keep this at bay by immediately repairing any frayed carpet that you see occur. If it's too late for first-aid, it's time to think about replacing your carpet.

The Best Carpet Cleaning in Spring Hill

When it comes to replacing your carpet, it isn't always an option to perform the task as quickly as you would like. It often requires you to save some money. If this is the case, the best way to keep your carpets looking their best in the meantime is with a professional carpet cleaning in Midland-Odessa, TX. Speak with an expert in the field by calling Midland Cleanpro today at (615) 208-0908. Learn about how Cleanpro's ION exchange cleaning system can work for you until you can replace your carpets.

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