Start this new year with a professional carpet cleaning. Just call Midland Cleanpro to schedule yours. Before their arrival, be sure to prepare your home by following these tips.

New Year, New Resolutions

Welcome to a new year. January has just begun, and our resolutions are still fresh. Perhaps you decided this is the year when you’re going to buy a new house, or maybe you decided this is the year when you’re going to give your current one a makeover or some upgrades. Start with your carpets and enjoy the many benefits of having your carpets professionally cleaned. Maybe that’s not what you had in mind, but having your carpets professionally cleaned can help you start your home renovations from the bottom to the top. If you haven’t scheduled your cleaning appointment with Midland Cleanpro, don’t take too long before you do! Meanwhile, here are some of the things you should do to prepare for the cleaner’s arrival.

9 Things to Do Before the Carpet Cleaners Arrive


You need to remove everything that’s on the floor that can be a tripping hazard. The tools the carpet cleaners use often have long chords and hoses that can get tangled around anything. Toys, shoes, clothing, and other knickknacks need to be put away. While you declutter your home, take some time to separate the things you use and the ones you don’t. Perhaps it would be a good idea to start the year donating some of your stuff. It’s a good action, it clears up space in your home, and it will make you feel lighter. After you remove the clutter, it’s a good idea to vacuum your carpets to remove the top layer of hair and dirt. It’s not a requirement, but it can make the cleaner's job a little bit easier.

Move Your Furniture

Some cleaning companies will charge you extra to move your furniture. Others will just clean around it. If you’re going to be paying for a full professional carpet cleaning service, you’ll probably want wall to wall cleaning. You can choose to pay the extra cash or just go ahead and move the furniture yourself. Move as many things as you can. There are some pieces of furniture which may be too heavy for you to move alone, and hurting your back is not worth the money you can possibly save. Just leave it there.

Protect Your Walls

The carpet cleaning products technicians use to clean will not damage the paint on your walls, but it never hurts to be extra careful.  You might want to cover the areas where the wall meets the carpet with some painter’s tape. The chemicals and cleaning products might not hurt your walls, but the hoses that might rub against them can accidentally damage them.

Pin up the Drapes

Go ahead and pin up any drapes or upholstery that are in contact with the floor. The idea is to prevent them from getting unintentionally partially cleaned. Who wants to have half a dirty curtain? But if you do want to have your upholstery or drapes wholly cleaned, talk to Midland Cleanpro at (615) 208-0908. Their exclusive Ion Exchange System works with different areas of your house. When you schedule your carpet cleaning session, be sure to ask about their other cleaning services in Midland-Odessa, TX.

Put Your Valuables Away

A reputable carpet cleaning company should be honest and trustworthy. They would never risk their reputation and clients by stealing something from you. Still, you should put any jewelry or small electronics out of plain view. If possible, you should lock them up. There’s always a risk of something falling over and breaking accidentally. This is just a measure you should take to prevent any accidents and misunderstandings.

Store Your Fragile Items Safely

If there are any breakable items such as china, picture frames, lamps, or collectible figurines, you should store them somewhere safe before the cleaners arrive.

Entertain Children and Mind Your Pets

Children are incredibly curious people. It’ completely natural that they would want to watch what the cleaners are doing, especially with the cleaning machinery that they’re not used to. Unfortunately, having children around can make the expert's job tough. They can’t clean and watch out for curious children. Do try to keep a close eye on your kids, or preferably, schedule your carpet cleaning for a time when they won’t be at home. Animals are more sensitive to loud noises. For their well-being, try to keep them somewhere safe where the sounds won’t frighten them.

Be Ready

The cleaners often have back to back appointments. There is a schedule they must stick to so they can be on time for their next job. So, please be ready for their arrival. If there are any areas you’re particularly concerned about or that have any special requirements, let them know ahead of time. They will take extra care handling your requests.

Clear Your Driveway

Many people don’t consider this, but carpet cleaners carry a lot of equipment. It would be most thoughtful on your part to clear up some space in your driveway or in front of your house for them to park and unload their tools.

Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in Midland-Odessa, TX

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