If you are hesitant to entertain at your house because you are worried about carpet stains, this article has tips which can help.

Even during the cold season, it’s important to stay social and invite friends and family over to your home. However, the challenge for many homeowners is hosting a party which doesn’t result in a number of troublesome carpet stains.

Preventing Carpet Stains While Hosting a Party

This challenge is especially difficult during cold weather months as the associated rain and snow cause the ground to become slushy, making it easy for guests to stain your carpets before they’ve entered your living room. If this sounds familiar to you, Midland Cleanpro has a post which can help.

Preparation Is Your Best Defense

The first place to start is by preparing for stains, and by this we mean gathering some clean water along with some dry, clean cloths and hiding them around your home. Behind your television set, underneath your couch, or even under a table can be great spaces. The purpose of these cleaning stations is so if a spill or a drop does occur, you have the basics ready to go and can act as quickly as possible to minimize the chance of a heavy stain.

No Shoes Allowed

This tip can seem a bit extreme, however, if you have thick plush carpets then protecting them from mud and dirt is a must, as they can be difficult to vacuum and clean. If you instill this rule, it’s important to keep these considerations in mind:
  • On your invitation, be sure to give your guests notice that they won’t be allowed to wear shoes inside your home so they can dress accordingly.
  • Provide a dry, protected, and safe space for your guests to leave their shoes, either outside at the front door or in your entrance way.
  • Providing guests with cost-effective slippers can be a great way to cover all bases.
If your carpets are looking a little worn and you want to spruce them up before your party, be sure to speak with Midland Cleanpro at (432) 889-7199 and book a professional carpet cleaning appointment. Because their ION Exchange cleaning system doesn't soak your carpet in water and cleaning fluid, your carpets will be dry in a matter of hours, not days!

Carpet Runners

It’s one thing to use plastic carpet runners all through the year to protect your carpets and quite another just to use them for parties. While you may not like the look of them, plastic carpet runners are inexpensive to rent and remarkably effective. Of course, you don’t have to place them all around your home, you just need to focus on the areas which will see a lot of foot traffic or where people are likely to gather and eat or drink.

Entertain Outdoors

Entertaining outdoors is the easiest way to keep stains from entering your home, however, in the cold it can be a challenge. To create a comfortable space outdoors, look to utilize outdoor gas heaters which you can rent and match this with a semi-surrounded gazebo style covering. Of course, if you have a balcony at the back of your house then simply hanging coverings between your roof and banisters can be enough to keep the heat in and your guests comfortable.

Move the Entrance

If you do take the tip above and entertain outdoors, don’t be afraid to have your guests enter by the back gate and door. This can be your best defense against stains being walked through your home as guests make their way to the back. If you consider this tip, be sure that you let your guests know in advance and place a small reminder sign on your front door with instruction and directions. Of course, this tip goes great with your plastic carpet runners, as you only really need to place runners between your back entertaining space and your kitchen and bathroom facilities.

The Best Carpet Cleaning in TARGET

If your best efforts prevented the majority of stains from occurring but there are a few you just weren’t able to stop and can’t remove, help is at hand. Instead of renting a machine and doing it yourself, which can damage your carpet and leave you with wet carpets for days, speak with a carpet cleaning expert at Midland Cleanpro by calling (432) 889-7199 and find out how their ION Exchange carpet cleaning system can bring your carpets back to life and have them ready to be walked on in a matter of hours.

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