Deciding What Type of Carpet Care Your Carpet Requires

Most of us have come face to face with a carpet that seems to be hopeless. Those gritty, funky-looking fibers that seem excessively worn out and filthy to a point of no return. It is important to determine just how far the carpet has been neglected and what needs to be done. Deciding whether the best option is to professionally clean, restore, or just remove the carpet is not always easy, but today we want to offer some advice.

What Is the Best Way to Renew Your Carpet?

  • Regular Cleaning. Normal cleaning is when the carpet is vacuumed and cleaned regularly, or at least on a somewhat regular basis. Carpets need to be cleaned often. This means they need to be vacuumed around everyday or every other day. In a few cases where there is hardly any dust or traffic, the carpet may still be ok if only vacuumed thoroughly three times a week. Cleaning a carpet also includes taking care of spills as soon as they occur and treating stains promptly. This should be done as daily maintenance.
  • Professional Cleaning. Most carpets that have light to moderate use and a normal flow of foot traffic may only require professional cleaning 2-3 time a year. Carpets that have constant use and wear as well as greater loads of foot traffic coming in may require it every around 4 times a year or every 2-3 months depending on what kind of filth and traffic it withstands. Professional carpet cleaning is necessary because it provides the carpet with deep cleaning and filth-removing techniques that regular cleaning can't provide. The Cleanpro System is the most efficient manner of completely cleaning your carpet and protecting it against accumulated filth. It also helps reduce the wear on the carpet fibers so it can look like new for longer. Contact Williamson Cleanpro today and get your carpet thoroughly cleaned today.
  • Restoration. In certain cases where the carpet is far more than just dirty and slightly out of shape, it likely requires more drastic measures. Although professional cleaning can help a carpet look better, it may not be enough for carpets that have suffered long periods of negligence and abundant wear or deterioration. Restoring a carpet includes extensive cleaning where deep cleaning is done several times and extreme spot removal is greatly necessary. In some cases, it may also require recoloring the carpet or even patching and mending certain areas of the carpet fibers. This is a lot of work and is necessary to evaluate the state the carpet is in. Many times, the work that needs to be put in to restore it can exceed that of just removing and replacing the carpet. However, it can be less expensive in other cases.
  • Replacement. There will also be cases in which not even thorough cleaning and deep restoration are the answer. When the carpet has aged and has not received the proper care in a while, there may be no way around having to remove and replace it. This is often the case in very old homes that have been left uncared for and the carpet is just too far past the point of help. One of the main reasons for the removal of carpets after they have aged badly is that they are no longer sanitary and are a bad idea to have around.

Things to Consider When Deciding If the Carpet Needs to Be Removed

  • How old the carpet is is a very important thing. Most carpets last around 3-5 years without much problem. Sturdier carpets that are given regular maintenance can last around 5-7 years and in some cases up to 10. However, it is never recommended that you keep a carpet for more than 10 years because it presents great deterioration even if it's internal and not visible.
  • If the carpet has an excessive amount of stains that have seeped deep inside the carpet and into the carpet padding, it is likely that it needs to be removed.
  • Worn out carpet padding that causes the carpet to lose its comfortable resilience and makes the carpet uneven is another sign that the carpet has deteriorated.
  • Hard to get rid of odors can also indicate other problems such as mold or mildew that may be spreading under the carpet fibers. In these cases, the carpet may also require a replacement.

Keep Your Carpet Around for Longer and In Great Shape With the Best Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a task that requires routine professional assistance. Do not neglect your carpet's deep cleaning needs. Call Williamson Cleanpro today at (615) 208-0908. 

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