It might seem impossible to maintain clean, good-looking carpets if your pets live inside your house. By following some preventative measures, keeping clean and attractive carpets is possible.

Make Your Carpets Pet-Friendly and Your Pets Carpet-Friendly

Carpets and pets are not the best combination, but with the right care and preparation, they can coexist. You can enjoy the benefits of having carpets and keep your pets inside your home by doing some pet-proofing. Midland Cleanpro brings you some tips to make your carpets more pet-friendly.

Housebreak Your Pet

Instead of having to worry about dealing with stained or smelly carpets, you should take preventative actions. Start by housebreaking your pet as soon as you take it home. It will be easier for it to adjust into a routine if you train it early. To housebreak your pet, you can search for tips online, hire a trainer, or take it to pet training classes. Keep in mind that as well-behaved your pet may be, accidents will happen from time to time and you will need to do some carpet cleaning.

Think About Getting Pet-Proof Carpet Padding

Another preventative measure you can take is installing pet-proof carpet padding. The carpet pad is a dense foam layer that goes between the carpet and the sub-floor. It prevents liquids from crossing down to the floor and promoting the formation of mold. You can find different padding options, varying in thickness, material, and price. Although the carpet padding won’t absorb urine or other spilled liquids, it will protect your floors and carpet fibers. You can even get a pet-proof carpet padding which is a higher quality option than regular padding and therefore more expensive. The difference with this padding is that it keeps the urine or liquid moving across the pad instead of absorbing it. The spill will remain in your carpet, making the damage more noticeable but also easier to clean. If your carpets have already been affected by your pet’s potty accidents, a carpet cleaning expert such as Midland Cleanpro can help you restore your carpets to their former glory. To learn more about their deep carpet cleaning methods in Midland-Odessa, TX, contact them at (615) 208-0908.

Choose the Right Carpet

If you’re thinking about installing carpets in your pet-friendly home, you need to pick the right carpet. If you own a cat, you don’t need to worry about them soiling your carpets. Cats mostly stick to the sandbox. You do need to worry, however, about the excessive hair shedding and the scratching. Avoid loop pile carpets that can easily snag. One snagged loop can cause the whole thing to unravel. Instead, choose a cut pile or Saxony carpet. These options are made from individual fibers that won’t undo, and they are easy to maintain. Try to vacuum at least twice a week to clear off the excess hair.  If you’re a dog owner, go for polypropylene carpets that are stain resistant. You can also choose a dense low pile carpet which is easy to vacuum and resists soil and wear. Whatever type of pet you own, dark colored or pattern carpets are the best option because they easily hide stains and pet hair.

Capture That Hair

Pets tend to shed a lot. You can find it anywhere in your house. Unfortunately, carpets are like traps for all that hair. They can be great for your health, with the right care. However, if you forget about vacuuming them, all the hair and other pollutants can cause your allergies to flare up. They can also get stinky. You need to vacuum your carpets at least twice a week, more if it’s too much hair. Over time, hair can clog your vacuum cleaner making it less efficient. Give your vacuum cleaner a little help by removing some of the hair. Wrap masking tape around a paint roller to create a giant lint roller and catch some of that hair on your carpets. You can also use a rubber-bristled carpet rake to make hair clumps that you can gather with your hands.

Trim Their Nails

It’s not unusual for pets to go crazy and run around in your house. When that happens, their nails can snag and pull on the carpet fibers. If this happens often, your carpets can start to unravel, look disheveled, or, even worse, go bald. Try to keep your pet’s nails trimmed so they are safer for your carpets, rugs, and hardwood floors. You should aim not only to keep your flooring clean but long-lasting.

Have Your Carpets in Midland-Odessa, TX, Professionally Cleaned

Don’t forget to give your carpets a deep, professional cleaning at least once a year, even more so if your pets live inside. A professional will help you remove stains and deodorize your home. Contact Midland Cleanpro at (615) 208-0908 to learn about their exclusive Cleanpro Carpet Cleaning System and how it can help your carpets look their best.

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