Mold growth in your carpet not only looks bad but can also have serious negative effects on your health. This article has tips on keeping mold out of your carpet. When it comes to flooring, there is nothing more luxurious and warm than carpet. However, if it is not taken care of adequately, your carpet can become the source of mold problems in your home, such as lowering the quality of air and increasing allergies for you and your family.

Tips to Prevent Mold from Causing Damage to Your Carpets

Knowing just how important it is to keep your carpet clean and fresh, Midland Cleanpro has a post to share with easy-to-follow tips to help keep your carpet fresh and looking its best!

Stop Water in Its Tracks!

Well, stop it from coming in with your guests' foot tracks, at the least! Guests walking water in from outside and onto your carpet is a leading cause of carpet base mold growth, and with good reason! A guest is actually walking in water droplets and then splashing them onto your carpet as they walk. Then, as if that wasn't enough, these droplets are then being pushed to the root of your carpet where they sit in darkness. Can you think of any better environment for mold to thrive? Whether you install a shoe rack outside, a mat indoors, or another solution that works for you, do what you can to keep shoe based water from getting onto your carpet.

How's the Climate?

Whether you live in a tropical climate or the design of your home results in a humid home, if it's humid in your home then it's moist in your carpet, whether you can feel it or not. A humidifier is the quickest and easiest way to remove excess humidity from your home and your carpet. These work by sucking in moist air, extracting much of the moisture, and expelling dry air. If you aren't in the market for a humidifier then it's time to use everything you can find that can move air. Pedestal fans, floor fans, ceiling fans, all of them! As you feel the humidity rise, open up a strategic number of doors and windows and get the fans going! The idea behind this action is to encourage airflow, working to prevent moisture in the air from settling. When the time comes for your regular professional carpet cleaning in Midland, TX, speak with an expert. Call Midland Cleanpro at (615) 208-0908. By utilizing proprietary technology, Midland Cleanpro can not only have your carpets looking like new within a matter of hours but can also leave them ready to be walked on in just a couple more!

Act Quickly!

This tip actually comes with two benefits! The first being that the faster you clean up a spill, the less likely you are to be left with a stain! The second tip comes in the way of mold prevention. The longer that you leave a stain to sit on your carpet, the longer it has to absorb into your carpet fibers and make its way to the root and underlay of your carpet where your quick 'paper towel' cleaning job won't reach. As with the tip above, you know just what happens when you leave liquid to sit at the root of your carpet. The second that you see a spill, get the cleaning products and get to work! When you are cleaning the stain, be sure that you give it a thorough clean, reaching all the way to the root with your dry cloth.

Choose Your Cleaning Methods Wisely

There was once a time where a professional cleaning involved calling in a steam cleaner. During this visit, the cleaner would use large amounts of water to almost soak your carpets in moisture and cleaning solution. Once they were finished, you weren't allowed to walk on your carpets for at least a day, sometimes three, while they dried. Does the above method remove stains? Yes. Does this method also do the very thing that each of these tips has been advising against? Absolutely, yes! Soaking your carpets to clean them is a great way to encourage mold growth. Despite how your carpets may feel, not all parts of them may be completely dry. This can lead many homeowners to reinstall their furniture too early, leaving the spaces underneath still damp and now shielded from any light to finish the drying process. When it comes time to clean your carpets, avoid methods such as these.

Keep Your Carpets Looking Their Best with Professional Carpet Cleaning in Midland-Odessa, TX

Your regular vacuuming sessions are the best way to provide regular maintenance to your carpets. When the time comes for a professional carpet cleaning, trust the experts at Midland Cleanpro to do the job! Call today at (615) 208-0908 to book your appointment.

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