When it comes to choosing your carpets, a lot of thought and finance went into the final decision. From carpet type, to color. From underlay to fiber. Even how often you want to perform regular carpet cleaning. You scrutinized each decision for one reason - your carpet is an investment. While it may not be something that you will sell in the future for a profit, it is an investment in your home. And one which you rightly deserve to get the most out of.

Protect Your Carpets Against Mold and Extend Their Lifespan

For that reason, your carpets are a home item that you need to take particular care of to ensure that they not only look clean and in good condition for longer but don't begin to smell and cause health hazards throughout your home; both of which caused by mold. Experts in providing high-quality carpet cleaners Midland Cleanpro have put together an easy to follow list of ways that you can protect your carpets against mold. One of the biggest challenges faced with preventing mold is that it can occur throughout each season in the year, during hold and cold seasons.

When the Weather Is Cold

Rain often accompanies cold weather, which is the primary concern for mold growth during the colder seasons. The key for cold weather mold prevention is to stop water from entering your home in the first place.

Outdoor Shoe Rack

Shoes are the main culprit when it comes to bringing moisture into your home and onto your carpets, so stop them before they have a chance to enter. Invest in an outdoor shoe rack or one placed immediately inside your home's entrance and insist that shoes remain there. Preventing family and visitors from walking through and dripping moisture onto your carpet is the first step to battling mold growth.

No Wet Clothes on the Floor

This tip is particularly useful for kids. However, adults are not exempt. When you come home out of the rain, it can be tempting to take off your wet clothes and leave them on the floor, seeking the comfort of dry clothes immediately. Unfortunately, these clothes can cause water to seep into your carpet where mold can grow. If mold has grown in your carpets, vacuuming isn't able to remove it. To return your carpets to a clean state, speak with Midland Cleanpro at (615) 208-0908 and ask about the CleanPro Carpet Cleaning system, which provides a thorough and professional level of carpet cleaning with a minimal amount of moisture.

When the Weather Is Hot

During hot weather, a common cause of mold growth is humidity. If you don't have an air-conditioning unit, do your best to create air flow inside your home by opening windows to promote constantly moving air.


In your bathroom, shower with the window open, or open it as soon as you have finished. Steam can flow through your home and cause the humidity to increase in areas outside your bathroom.


Your kitchen is also a good place for the humidity to increase while you cook. Before you start cooking, turn on any and all exhaust fans to get a flow of air started. If you have a window in your kitchen, keep it open while you cook.


When washing your clothes, do your best to avoid using the dryer, and instead opt to hang your clothes outside. If you must use your dryer, open any windows and turn on any air vents. If possible, leave your drying cycle to occur overnight when temperatures can dip. If you still feel that the humidity in your home is too high, and the air feels sticky, consider purchasing a dehumidifying unit. Used best with closed windows and doors, a dehumidifier draws in moist air from your home, removes the moisture, and extracts dry air. A drawback of using a system such as this is that its operation can cause the temperate in your home to increase. If you do use a unit such as this, find a balance between its use and the temperature in you home.

Use a Carpet Cleaning System in Spring Hill With Minimal Moisture

Traditional professional carpet cleaning systems use a lot of water, which is why you often aren't allowed to walk on your carpet for many hours after completion, During hot weather, the drying time can be extended, leaving an ideal environment for mold growth. Midland Cleanpro utilizes a carpet cleaning system which operates through ION exchange. This system uses very little moisture, and you can walk on your carpets shortly after. Not only can this leave your carpets clean, but reduces the potential for mold growth. Speak with a carpet cleaning professional at (615) 208-0908 to learn more about the benefits of the CleanPro carpet cleaning system today.

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