Are you worried about keeping your sofa clean? If you are about to purchase a couch or are wondering how you can make your current sofa look amazing and prevent dust and dirt from causing damage, read this post by Midland Cleanpro.

Everybody wishes their sofa to look as good as new for as long as possible. Many factors like having pets, children, and everyday life dirt can come in the way of maintaining a clean and presentable. Luckily, there are ways you can prevent your couch from getting dirty and things you can do to clean and refresh your furniture to make them look like new. Learn more about this topic in this article that Midland Cleanpro in Midland, TX, has for you.

What are your sofa necessities?

Maybe you are about to buy a new sofa, if this is the case, think about your lifestyle, do you have children? Do you have a cat or a dog? Aspects like this should be taken into consideration when thinking about buying a furniture piece. If you have children, buying a couch with a fabric that has higher to stains is optimal, just like buying a couch that has a fabric color similar to your pet’s fur might be the best choice. Considering your lifestyle needs is the best way to ensure your furniture looks its best for a long time. Fabrics like synthetic fabric or leather can be a great choice to consider. Synthetic fabrics or microfiber are easy to clean and a very common choice for pet owners as they have a higher scratching resistance. Leather on the other side despite it being more prone to scratching damage, when chosen correctly, can be really child and pet-friendly as it’s easy to clean and less prone to damage.

If the future of your sofa is one of your worries, hiring the best professional cleaning service is the best way to ensure your furniture has a long lifespan. Keep your sofa looking like new with the services that Midland Cleanpro offers. For more information and to learn about other services like carpet cleaning, call (432) 889-7199.

Preventing and Removing Dust and Hair From Your Sofa

Preventing Hair Accumulation

The most common sources of hair that stay in sofas come not only from our own heads but from our pets. Besides frequently cleaning to prevent significant problems, regularly grooming your pets is a must. Pets leave their hair everywhere, and pet hair being small and thin, it can go unnoticed in certain situations. Ensure you brush your pet’s fur frequently, daily if necessary, and make it a habit of also frequently checking if your sofa needs a little bit of cleaning.

Preventing Dust

Couches are common dust accumulators. They keep dust that flies around the room. To prevent your furniture from becoming a dust trap, develop a cleaning schedule. This doesn’t mean you have to clean every single area of your house daily, but paying special attention to space your sofa might be beneficial. Cleaning and dusting once or twice a week can be enough to prevent dust from going places you don’t want to.

If you are having trouble properly cleaning your sofa, hire the best cleaning service in Midland, TX. The cleaning professionals at Midland Cleanpro will ensure your furniture is clean and protected for months. For more information and to learn about their carpet cleaning services, speak with an expert today by calling (432) 889-7199.


Vacuum cleaners are also a great tool to remove dirt and dust from your sofa surface. To ensure the best results, use the brush attachment on your vacuum or consider using a hand vacuum to be able to reach hard to reach spots. Clean as much surface and look at all crevices as there might be random places you may not have noticed before where dust and hair may be hidden. Vacuums sometimes don’t remove every hair or dirt, but they will allow you to get most of the job done and have your sofa looking amazing.

Simple Products and Hacks

  • Sticky lint rollers are not only very practical, but they are a great and easy way of removing unwanted dirt from your sofa very quickly. They can also help you remove dirt from hard to reach places.
  • Microfiber cloths are also a great and practical product. Grab your microfiber cloth, wet your hand, and run it across your cloth’s surface to increase its effectivity. Run your microfiber along your sofa’s surface and cushions if necessary to remove hair and dust.
  • Rubber gloves can also do the trick. To prevent unwanted friction, dampen your rubber gloves before beginning to clean any surface. After having your gloves ready, run them over the selected surface and rinse them, and repeat if needed.

Protect Your Sofa

Slipcovers are a standard solution and preventive measure to keep sofas clean and stain free. But to ensure your couch has a long lifespan and looks as good as new, some products specialize in protecting furniture to ensure it stays clean and protected for months. Cleanpro’s Professional’s Upholstery Protector is the best product to ensure your furniture stays protected and safe from any stain and dirt danger. Contact the professionals at Midland Cleanpro in Midland, TX, to get the best professional cleaning services, including carpet cleaning. For more information, contact an expert today by calling (432) 889-7199.

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