Have you ever stayed in a luxury hotel before and visited the bathroom in the middle of a cold night only to find that stone or tile floor was warmer than the bed you just got out of? Under-floor heating is common in luxury bathrooms because it takes the sting out of walking onto a cold surface first thing in the morning.

Learn More About Installing Under-Carpet Heating in Your Home

This luxurious feeling isn't restricted to tiles, and it certainly isn't restricted to luxury hotels. In fact, under-floor heating can be used with a number of different flooring options, including carpet. If you are new to the idea of under-carpet heating and are looking for some information, Midland Cleanpro has a post which can help.

First, Let's Start with Some of the Pros

  • It feels so good! Waking up first thing in the morning when it's cold out and stepping on a warm, soft carpet is the best way to start your morning. Well, a warm floor and a hot cup of coffee!
  • While you aren't likely to use them full-time, timers can be adjusted so that your carpet is warm whenever you need. This could mean late night entertaining guests as well as nice warm morning starts.
  • It can't be seen. Unlike wall heaters or portable radiators, under-carpet heating can't be seen. This is great for small spaces where there isn't a lot of room to install large heating equipment or spaces where the look of such equipment is not wanted.
  • Even heating. If you currently use a wall or portable heater, then you likely find yourself standing around it, then walking away, and then moving back. With under-carpet heating, the warmth is evenly dispensed around your carpet, helping to keep the entire room warm.
  • Works well at low heat. Modern under-carpet heating systems are designed to work well at low temperatures, helping to keep energy usage as low as possible.
If you do indulge in under-carpet heating and you spill any liquids, it's important to soak and dry these up as quickly as possible, so as not to cause any damage to wiring underneath. If the spill caused a stain which you can't remove, don't use a traditional steam cleaner as this will just soak your carpet. Instead, speak with Midland Cleanpro at (615) 208-0908 and book a cleaning appointment with the Cleanpro ION exchange cleaning method. The Cleanpro ION exchange cleaning system uses very little liquid and leaves no residue, ensuring your carpets are never soaked or damaged. By using this cleaning method, carpets are ready to be walked on within a matter of hours and not days!

Of Course, It Isn't All Warm Feet

  • When it comes to installation, cheap isn't a word which you could associate with under-carpet heating. If you are looking to install a high-quality system which will cause you no concerns or carpet damage, then you can expect a high price.
  • Speaking of price, as power efficient as they have been designed to be, they still use power, and a good amount at that. If you are considering installing under-carpet heating, consider the ongoing costs compared to a wall heater or a portable radiator.
  • As effective as these systems are at dispersing the heat evenly throughout a room, they aren't very effective at reaching high temperatures in a hurry.
  • Given that there is wiring underneath your carpet, it can restrict where you can place heavy furniture items, such as couches and entertainment units. Before you install, consider where the wiring will be and how this can affect your furniture placement. Be sure to plan everything out well before getting it installed.
  • Installing under-carpet heating isn't always available for older homes and can rely on the condition of the ground underneath your carpet, along with the condition of your current carpet.

Call Williamson Cleanpro for the Best Carpet Cleaning in Midland-Odessa, TX

Whether to install under-carpet heating or not comes down to personal choices, such as style and how quickly you need warmth. Given the price and restrictions involved, give serious consideration before making your decision. No matter which option you choose, stains are going to happen. Don't risk damaging your carpets by using a traditional steam clean. Instead, call Midland Cleanpro today at (615) 208-0908 and book a cleaning with Cleanpro's ION exchange cleaning system. By using minimal cleaning fluid, this process leaves no residue on your carpets, and you can walk on them again in a matter of hours, not days! Another great benefit is that it will be safe for everyone in your home, including your pets!

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