Keeping your carpets looking clean seems impossible. You can get them clean for a day or so, but they soon become dirty. And once you see one spot, you always see another! This article has can help! If you have ever felt the satisfaction after cleaning and vacuuming your carpet until it looks like new then you know that the feeling is short lived. It’s only a matter of time, often a day or two, before they seem to get dirty again and you’re back to square one with your vacuum cleaner in hand.

Tips to Keep Your Carpet Clean!

As lovely as it would be to have a magical solution to your cleaning problems, there isn’t one. However, there are some tips and rules that you use in your home to help keep your carpets looking cleaner for longer. Midland Cleanpro has the following tips to share on the subject.

Wipe Your Feet!

If you have a back door leading to a garden, put a mat on either side of it. Your front door, put a mat on either side of it. The side door that nobody ever uses. You guessed it - put a mat on either side of it! Mats are one of the easiest ways to prevent dirt and debris from being walked into your home and onto your carpet. Part of the reason why they work so well is that they have a strong psychological pull for people. If you think about the last time that you went to somebody’s house and they had a mat out front, you can guarantee that you remember wiping your feet.

Keep Shoes Outside/at the Door

Another popular way to keep dirt at bay is to keep it contained. Consider building an indoor shoe rack where your guests can come in, wipe their feet on the mat, and then store their shoes by the front door. While this will mean more vacuuming around this area, a very small space with a lot of dirt is nothing compared to an entire house of carpet. Of course, if you don’t want any of the dirt coming inside your home, then create a sturdy outdoor shoe rack where people can leave their shoes before stepping foot on your carpet. If you have stains on your carpet that just won’t budge no matter how hard you try, help is at hand! Speak with a cleaning professional at Midland Cleanpro by calling (615) 208-0908. By using very little cleaning fluid combined with a powerful piece of proprietary cleaning technology, Midland Cleanpro can have your carpets looking like new and free to be walked on in a matter of hours! No more waiting an entire day (or days) for your carpet to dry!

No Walking and Eating!

You have seen it a hundred times. Somebody takes a soda from the refrigerator and opens it as they walk over your carpet. Of course, true to form, the soda was fizzy and now you are looking at a big red stain on your carpet. Or how about the family member who promised to be extra careful while they stood and ate food in front of the television? Food, carpet, and people moving are not a good mix. For this reason, install a rule where, if you are holding food or drink, you don’t take from it until you are clear of the carpet or are standing over a table or bench.


While on the subject of walking, you likely have areas inside your home that are more trafficked than others. These places are usually hallways and around doors and windows. Instead of letting these parts wear out at a different speed to the rest of your carpet, consider a selection of rugs around your home in these areas. If you aren’t a fan of rugs, plastic carpet runners are still in use and are a good way to keep your carpet clean. However, with a plastic runner, the cleanliness comes at the expense of comfort when walking.

Quality Carpet Cleaning in Midland-Odessa, TX Is Just a Phone Call Away

If a stubborn stain has got the best of you, help is at hand to enact your revenge! Give Midland Cleanpro a call at (615) 208-0908 to learn about the unique Cleanpro carpet cleaning system. By utilizing proprietary cleaning fluid and equipment, Midland Cleanpro can get your carpet clean in no time and ready for you to enjoy within a matter of hours. No more waiting days before you can enter your living room!

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