It isn’t always the easiest task removing allergy-causing dust from your home. Below is a great article with some of the lesser known places you will find dust in your home. While it's true that every homeowner wants to keep their home as free from dust as possible, the truth is that there is often dust hiding in places a regular homeowner wouldn’t even think to look!

How to Keep Your Home Dust Free

Midland Cleanpro knows a thing or two about keeping homes clean and has prepared the following post to help you rid your home of as much dust as possible.

Your Ceiling Fans

If you were to look up at your ceiling fans then you would likely see clean fan blades. However, it’s what you can see that is the problem. Is only takes a day or two for serious levels of dust to accumulate on top of your ceiling blades. Each week, use the extension attachment for your vacuum cleaner and remove all of the dust you can’t see. You will be surprised at just how much dust was there!


It’s likely that you vacuum the front of your curtains to improve their appearance, but the majority of the dust which accumulates actually hides on the back which you rarely ever see. Each month, take off your curtains, lay them out, and thoroughly vacuum the back of them. If you aren’t able to take them from their fixture, use the extension attachment of your vacuum cleaner to clean them from top to bottom. This is a task you don’t have to do every week - a simple cleaning every month or two will be sufficient to help keep dust at bay.

Dust Isn’t a Memory

Everybody wants to show off their favorites memories by way of hanging photos in their home. However, not everybody realizes that behind these frames is a big accumulation of dust. Once every six months or even as part of your yearly spring cleaning schedule, take off each of the photos from the wall and wipe off the dust from the back with a clean and damp cloth. Before you hang them back on the wall, be sure to give the wall space a quick wipe down, also. If your carpets have seen better days or you just can’t seem to remove a stain, Midland Cleanpro is here to help. Call today at (615) 208-0908 to find out how their ION exchange cleaning system can not only bring your carpets back to life and help them look as fresh as possible but how it can do it leaving your carpets ready to be walked on in a matter of hours and not days!

Heating Vents and Ducts

During the summer weather, it’s likely that you didn’t even think about switching on your heating system. And while it was nice to enjoy the sun warming your home, without constant air blowing through the system your vents can accumulate dust. Again, using your vacuum cleaner, reach in as far as possible to clean out your vents and ducts. Once you have done this, another clean and damp cloth wiped as far as your arm will reach will pick up anything that’s left over. Doing this before you turn on your system again is a great way to prevent the dust being blown through your home where it can not only resettlement but cause harm to allergy sufferers.

Home Entertainment

Big screen TVs, gaming consoles, DVD players, and even surround sound. These are all items we have in our home which are considered to be set-and-forget. Unfortunately, it’s the forget nature of these items which leads them to collect dust. Safely switching them off and removing the power, take a clean cloth (preferably one which attracts dust) and give all of your home entertainment equipment a thorough wipe over. If you need to, be sure to get help spinning your TV around so that you can comfortably reach all of the ways behind it.

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