Hardwood floors? Tiling? Carpets? What type of flooring should you choose? We say carpets! Here are some of the reasons why wall to wall carpets are the perfect flooring option.

The Great Benefits of Owning Carpets

If your home has wall to wall carpeting and you’re consider getting rid of it, or if you’re thinking about getting carpets, you should know about the many benefits of owning them. Don’t get rid of your carpets before you read this article. Owning carpets provides some advantages such as cleaner breathing air and low maintenance. Read on to learn some more.

Value for Your Money

Price-wise, installing carpets is the best decision you can make over time. The price can adjust to your budget, it all depends on which carpet you choose. Carpets are easy to clean and maintain. Just make sure to call Midland Cleanpro once a year and your carpets will last for a long time. Carpet cleaning products are even more accessible...although you should definitely invest in a high-quality vacuum to keep them clean. If you compare carpet prices to wood, ceramic tiles, and vinyl, carpets are the most accessible option. Unlike the other alternatives, carpets are sold by the broadloom meter. You can purchase just what you need. Plus carpets come in many types of colors, patterns, styles, textures, and material to fit any budget and style.

Health Benefits

You’ve probably heard some stories that carpets promote dust-mite allergies. There’s no scientific proof that this is true. Your bed linen, on the other hand, can hold up to 70% more mites than your carpets do. Contrary to what you might’ve heard, carpets can contribute to your health.
  • Carpets also absorb noise. They create a quieter environment, ideal for people that get easily irritated or stressed by excessive noise. Carpets help soothe stressed people.
  • Carpets help purify the air by trapping indoor pollutants and dust, thus reducing allergies and asthma attacks for some people. The dust remains trapped by the pile fibers until the next time you vacuum. If you regularly vacuum your carpets and call the carpet cleaning experts in Midland-Odessa, TX and you keep your home ventilated with the proper humidity levels, it’s practically impossible for your carpet to release those trapped allergens.
Don’t forget that to maintain all the health benefits. You need to have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. If the time has come, be sure to pick the best carpet cleaning service in Midland-Odessa, TX, Midland Cleanpro. You can call them at (615) 208-0908 to learn how the Cleanpro Carpet Cleaning system can benefit your carpets and to schedule your carpet cleaning session.

Sound Insulation

As we mentioned before, carpets help absorb and soften loud sounds, promoting a more peaceful and quiet environment. Loud noises can affect our mood and health, which is why it is essential to have a quiet place to relax. Especially at home. Carpets are the only flooring option capable of reducing and even eliminating excessive noise caused by footsteps and moving furniture. They are especially convenient for two-story homes, where you can hear the various noises coming from upstairs. They also control sound reverberation. Things sound louder or echo in some rooms and carpets help regulate those sounds.

Saving Energy

You probably turn the heating on during the colder months. You want to arrive at a nice and toasty home, right? The heating will most likely raise your electrical bill. Carpets can help you reduce your energy consumption. In fact, they can save you an estimated 30 days of heating. Carpets are natural thermal insulators, so they retain warmth. Carpets catch the sun’s rays during the day and store heat, making your home feel warm. With other flooring types, you can lose as much as 10% of the heat in the room.


Carpets are relatively easy to care for. You need a good vacuum cleaner, which you must use twice or thrice a week. Take care of spills and stains as promptly as possible. And have it cleaned by professional carpet cleaners every 12-18 months. Maintaining them properly is easier than having to deal with the consequences of dirty carpets.


Carpets can completely change the look and feel of a room. It’s all about choosing the right color and style. You can make your room look warm and cozy or elegant and chic. There are plenty of options to choose from. Carpets can help you add depth and personality to an otherwise dull area.


If you have any children or seniors at home who are prone to trips and falls, carpets provide an element of security. They help reduce the risk of falls and reduce the possibilities of serious injuries. Even if a person does fall, the carpet will soften the blow.

For Carpet Cleaning in Midland-Odessa, TX

If you do choose to go for wall to wall carpeting, you should call Midland Cleanpro to do your yearly deep carpet cleaning. Call (615) 208-0908 to schedule your cleaning appointment and get ready for the cleaner’s arrival.   

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