The classic saying ‘kids will be kids’ is never more applicable than when talking about carpets. Specifically, clean carpets and upholstered furniture. Try as they may, kids and clean and fresh looking carpets never mix well. While it would be unrealistic to expect your young ones to cause no damage to your carpets and furniture, there are a few easy (and creative) steps you can take to minimize the damage which does occur.

How to Keep Your Carpets Free From Kid-Related Stains

If you have children in your home or even children at heart, Midland Cleanpro has a post with some ideas on what you can do minimize the treatment your carpets and upholstered furniture have to endure and keep them looking their best for longer.

A Child's Favorite Game

If it seems like your children’s favorite game to play is ‘let’s see how much mud we can run through the nice clean carpets,’ then you aren’t alone. This is one of the most common stains caused by youngsters just looking to play. Instead of just yelling as they run through, spend an afternoon together and build your own outdoor shoe rack where they can put their shoes before running into the house. When it comes time to paint, give your children free reign over how they want to design it. The more creative they can be the better. If they enjoyed building and decorating it then they are more likely to use it. If you plan on using the shoe rack yourself, design and paint your section and show them how it’s really done! Just remember that one is a good idea, but one at each entrance to your house is an ever better idea.

Your Carpet Makes for a Great Canvas

Do you have an up and coming da Vinci in your home? Maybe a child who enjoys practicing their writing skills? If so, you have likely noticed that your lovely clean couch or freshly cleaned carpets make for the perfect canvas! However, it doesn’t make for an enjoyable day of cleaning marker and paint stains.

There Are Two Great Ways to Help Save You From a Day of Cleaning

  • Create an art station
If you have space in your laundry room, set up an easel, some paints, large sheets of paper, and colored markers and designate it as their creative space. The easy to clean nature of your tiled laundry room makes it extremely easy to simply wipe up any marker or paint that has gone awry. Similarly, all of the large appliances in your laundry room, such as your washing machine and clothes dryer, are likely aluminum, which also makes for easy cleaning. To make it official, have your children create a small decorative sign which you can place on the laundry room door when it’s their time to utilize the space for their creativity.
  • Make an art proof space
If your children simply must express their creativity in the living room or carpeted areas, use an inexpensive camping tarp or a large sheet of plastic from your local dollar store and lay it out on the floor in front of the couch. As simple an idea as it is, it provides an excellent space for children to both watch TV and be creative, all the while being under your supervision to monitor any potential spills or stains. Keeping your carpets free from stains is an impossible task and one which you shouldn’t aim to high to achieve. While keeping it as clean as possible is great for its look and health, carpets are there to get dirty. When those times come, speak with Midland Cleanpro by calling (615) 208-0908 to arrange a professional carpet cleaning service. Midland Cleanpro use a proprietary cleaning method which leaves no residue behind in your carpets and is eco-friendly. Speak with Midland Cleanpro today to find out more.
  • Homework on your sofa
If your find that your child’s pens just can’t seem to stay on their notebooks when they are studying on the couch and you find yourself cleaning off stained algorithms, similar to the tip above, it’s time to redirect their activities. However, instead of separating them from your home, set up a small study area in the kitchen where you can interact with and monitor their progress as you prepare meals.  Not only are the kitchen floor and bench tops easy to clean, it also allows you to provide homework help when they need it without yelling out into the living room.
  • Marker stains in the bedroom
If there is one thing that children love, it’s drawing all over the walls. Can you really blame them? They’re large, often white, and show bright colors very well! Different to the ideas mentioned above, consider painting one of their walls with a paint that encourages art. Yes, there is paint which acts as a whiteboard of sorts, allowing them (or you, for that matter) to write and draw until your heart is content without worry that any damage is being done. Similar to a marker board, these works of art can easily be wiped off before starting again.

When the Inevitable Happens and You Need Carpet Cleaning in Spring Hill

Try as you might, these methods only work most of the time. For all other times, stains are just going to happen. When this time comes and your vacuum cleaner just isn’t cutting it, speak with Midland Cleanpro by calling (615) 208-0908 to arrange a professional carpet cleaning service. Unlike traditional steam cleaning methods, Midland Cleanpro utilizes a new technology which doesn’t require your carpets to be soaked in hot water and left for days. Speak with Midland Cleanpro today to find out more.

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