Laying new carpet is an exciting experience. New carpet has the potential to change completely the way a room looks and feels. The right carpet choice can bring brightness and vivacity to a room, whereas the wrong choice can close in a room and make it appear small and dark.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing the Right Carpet Color

To help you make the right choices when it comes time to choose your new carpet color, Midland Cleanpro has some information below to share with you.

Where Are You Going to Put It?

That's the first question that you need to ask yourself as it is going to lead your color choice in a pretty strong direction. For example, if your room was to be used for children to play, a darker colored carpet would be more appropriate. If the room was used to store memories and trinkets and saw minimal use, the color palette would open up to lighter colors. Whatever room it is going to be placed in, consider its real-life uses.

What's the Tone of the Room?

Carpet has the power to set the tone of any room. Consider the following guide:
  • Darker colors for a more elegant feel
    • Dining areas would be well suited to darker colored carpets, as would formal entertaining spaces, such as smoking rooms or parlours.
  • Warmer tones for entertaining
    • If your entertaining events are more happy and light, warmer tones such as caramels make for a great neutral color.
  • Bright colors for children's areas
    • When it comes to your children's spaces, don't be afraid to have fun. Bright colors and even patterns can make your child really feel comfortable in their space.

How Big Is the Room?

Colored carpet has the power to change the spatial perception of any room it's laid in. If you have a relatively small home or the room you are laying the carpet in is small, stick with lighter colored carpets to open up the room. Darker colors have the tendency to close in a room, making it look much smaller than it really is. This is also a good question to ask when looking at patterned carpets. Will the pattern complete its cycle or will half of it be cut off? If the space is too small then the pattern may not complete and it could look odd. Consider your measurements and how the carpet is printed or woven.

How Much Time Do You Have to Clean?

As nice as white carpets look, the smallest amounts of dirt and dust will show through. While it can be tempting to carpet your entire entertaining area with beautiful white carpets, be sure you are willing to put the cleaning and maintenance time in. When it comes to cleaning, you can only do so much, and some stains are just too stubborn for regular cleaning to remove. For these times, give Midland Cleanpro a call at (615) 208-0908 and speak with a professional. Using eco-friendly cleaning methods, you can expect to have clean carpets which you can walk on within a matter of hours after being cleaned.

Are You Looking to Sell Your Home Soon?

Outlandish styles or colors may be offputting to potential buyers when it comes time to sell your home. If you are considering selling your home in the near or foreseeable future, find more neutral colors from a beige or gray palette.

How Will It Look Against Connecting Rooms?

As much as each room is individual, it all comes under the one roof. Consider your home's overall color schemes and ensure that colors you choose will look good when they connect. If possible, try to find a neutral color which appeases all involved parties to cover large areas to minimize this concern.

Prepare for a Fade

Whether the room receives a little or a lot of light, your carpet is going to fade. Take this into consideration when choosing a color as, depending on the amount of light it will see, it may change dramatically over a very short period of time. This remark also rings true to rooms which receive uneven amounts of lights. In these instances, lighter colored carpets show the least amount of marking.

The Best Carpet Cleaning in Midland-Odessa, TX

Whichever carpet color you choose, it's going to get dirty and need professional cleaning. When that time comes, don't leave the care of your carpet to amateurs. Call Midland Cleanpro at (615) 208-0908 and ask about how an experienced carpet cleaning professional can provide an unrivaled and eco-friendly service in your home.

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