What do a new phone and your vacuum cleaner have in common? You likely threw out all of the manuals and instructions as soon as you opened the box! And while your phone may have a nice touch screen and instructional videos to show you how to operate it, without the documentation that came with your vacuum, you’re left to wonder what each of those fancy attachments that you paid so much for actually do. 

Some of the Most Common Vacuum Attachments Explained 

This is where Midland Cleanpro can help! Along with providing superior carpet cleaning for removing stains and keeping carpets looking their best, the team at Midland Cleanpro know all about vacuuming, including what each of those attachments does. To get you started, Midland Cleanpro has some information to share about what some of those attachments in your attic are, and what you can use them for. 

Extension Wand 

The most popular of all the vacuum attachments is the extension wand. And while the name tells you exactly what it does, many homeowners aren’t exactly sure what to use it for. 
  • Clean cobwebs away from your ceiling and corners 
  • Reach into couch cushions to remove dirt and leftovers 
  • Vacuum behind heavy appliances such as your washing machine 
  • Provide more focused suction for cleaning the space between your carpet and your walls 
While not cleaning related, if you have dropped a coin or a small object, place nylon stockings over the opening of the extension wand and secure with a rubber band. Now you can turn on the vacuum cleaner and use the attachment to reach your fallen object. 

Ceiling Fan Tool 

If you are looking at an attachment which closely resembles the end of a golf club, then the chances are that you’re looking at the ceiling fan attachment. Just as the name suggests, this attachment is shaped to allow you to easily vacuum dust from the top of your ceiling fan blades. Of course, its shape also provides a great way to vacuum on top of your cupboards and fridge. 

The various attachments which came with your vacuum cleaner all serve a purpose and can be great additions to help you get your cleaning down quicker and more effectively. And while some of them may look that way, none of them are magic wands. If you come up against a stain which you just can’t remove, don’t risk damaging your carpets with a traditional steam-clean, and instead speak with Midland Cleanpro. Call today at (615) 208-0908 and ask about how Cleanpro’s eco-friendly cleaning solution and ION exchange cleaning system can remove even the toughest stains and get your carpets looking fresh again. 

Upholstery Cleaning Tool 

Not all of the mess you encounter is going to be on your carpet, and this is where this handy attachment comes in. Often wide shaped and likely to include a lint grabbing strip along the head of the attachment, this attachment is great for vacuuming debris off your couch or upholstered furniture while also removing any hair or lint that has become stuck to your fabric. 

Pet Groomer 

That’s right! The people who made your vacuum cleaner know that much of the mess your vacuum collects will be the hair from your pets. Take a look through the box for a small attachment head with a soft comb around the suction head. To help prevent as much hair from falling onto your carpets and furniture, consider using this small attachment on a slow setting, to remove any loose hair. 

Dust and Vacuum 

If you can see a small, likely square-shaped attachment with bristles at the end, it’s likely that you have found the dusting brush. This attachment is great to use when your regular vacuum attachment is too clunky or might cause damage. The dust attachment includes the bristles to gently remove any dust, along with sucking it up the vacuum hose. These bristles are often designed to be used around delicate areas, such as antique furniture. 

When Vacuuming Isn’t Enough, You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning 

Nobody said that keeping your carpets clean and looking their best was easy, however, by using the right attachment, the task can be completed a lot quicker, and often more thoroughly than with your regular attachment. The next time you are cleaning your carpets, bring out the attachment box and see what you can use. 

Of course, no attachment can magically remove stains and help make your carpet look fresh again. For that, you’ll need to call Midland Cleanpro at (615) 208-0908 to arrange professional carpet cleaning. By using Cleanpro’s ION exchange system and an eco-friendly cleaning solution, Midland Cleanpro can have your carpets looking clean and fresh again without the need for harsh chemicals or soaking your carpets in hot water.

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