It happens every year: spring cleaning. This year, however, you’re prepared with a list of everything that needs to be cleaned. But are you 100% sure you aren’t missing something? What if there were spaces you missed?

Did You Miss a Spot During Your Spring Clean?

As thorough as we are sure your list is, there are always going to be elusive spaces around every person’s home which go unnoticed when it comes time for the annual spring clean. To help you out with some of the more commonly forgotten spaces around the house to clean, Midland Cleanpro have the following article to share.

From the Top, Down

When it comes to surfaces, you likely clean them as much as you possibly can, given the amount of dust they collect. However, not all surfaces can be seen.
  • The refrigerator sure does look clean, both inside and out! Don’t forget about the collection of dust on the top of it!
  • It took so long to clean out the microwave! Be sure to leave an extra minute to clean the top, which you can’t easily see or reach.
  • What about those photo frames on the wall? While you can’t see the top of them, you can rest assured they are filled with dust.
The general rule to consider is if you can’t reach the top - try harder. All items which you aren’t able to easily reach often go left uncleaned during your regular chores. For this reason, it’s important to include these items in your annual spring clean and give your house a fresh start for the year ahead.

Alright, Back Down We Go

As much as you vacuum your carpets and floors regularly, there is only so much which your vacuum cleaner can do and only so many spaces it will work in. After you have finished your regular vacuuming, take a damp cloth and wipe it along with your skirting boards. If you are now looking at a brown cloth which was once white, you’re welcome!

Speaking of Carpets

It’s important not to forget your carpets during this annual clean. While a thorough vacuuming is a great place to start, when it comes to your annual cleaning, it’s the perfect opportunity to utilize a professional carpet cleaning service. Carpet cleaning services utilize professional grade materials and supplies to remove more grime, debris, and stain causing agents than your regular vacuum cleaner can. If your carpets have seen better days and you are ready for a professional cleaning, it’s important that you don’t hire the equipment yourself or even a traditional steam cleaning service. Both DIY and steam cleaning services utilize hot water to soak and clean your carpets. As you remember from years ago, this leaves you with nothing but damp carpets. Speak with a carpet cleaning expert at Midland Cleanpro by calling (615) 208-0908 and ask about the Cleanpro Carpet Cleaning System. By utilizing a proprietary cleaning liquid and specialized cleaning equipment, the professionals at Midland Cleanpro can have your carpets looking better than you ever expected, and without the need to wait half a day before you can enter your home and walk on your new carpets.


AHA! You are surely thinking to yourself that your mattress is already on your list, so it can’t possibly be forgotten. However, this tip comes in the form of thoroughness. While you likely give your mattress a quick wipe down, it’s important that you vacuum it thoroughly on both sides during your spring clean. During your clean, be sure to pay close attention to any stitching, seams, and creases around your mattress where debris, dust, and even bugs can gather!

Curtains and Blinds

Your curtains and blinds are easy to forget because they don’t touch the ground. This often leaves homeowners to think that these items don’t collect a lot of dust. This is especially true when it comes to curtains, given that you can’t easily see any buildup. However, if you were to take a look at the back of your curtains or the underneath of your blind slats, you are likely to see a buildup occurring. The simplest way to take care of this is to remove your blinds or curtains and gently take to them with your vacuum cleaner. If you still have the box, look for an attachment which is more suited to the task.

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