A burst water pipe or a flooding toilet can happen at any time, and more often than not, it will happen when you aren’t at home. Nobody wants to think about flooding in their home, however, the simple truth is that it can happen to anybody in any home without warning.

What to Do When Returning Home to Find Flooding in Your Home

Like all things, planning is the best way to remedy emergencies quickly and safely. Below is a great article from Midland Cleanpro with tips on returning home to find flooding in your home.

Safety First

Just like all good checklists, this one starts with safety. If you are unlucky enough to return home after work to find that a burst water pipe has caused flooding in your home, your first instinct will be to walk into your home to find and fix the leak. However, this is a bad idea because there is a range of dangers which could cause you injury and make the situation worse. Instead, the first step is to find your mains and shut them off. All of them! This includes your water, gas, and your electricity. While it may seem like overkill, switching all of these off is the best way to prevent more problems.

Now That Your Mains Have Been Switched Off

Once you are sure that your mains have been switched off, it’s still not time to race inside. Instead, stand in a safe space, likely your front door, and visually inspect the area you are about to walk into.  Look out for these items:
  • Any electrical sockets which have come into contact with water.
  • Check for any large furniture items which could have lost its footing or has come away from its wall attachment.
  • If the flooding started from an upper level of your home, check the ceiling for any bowing which could be a sign that your ceiling could collapse.
  • Look to the floor for any dangers in the water, such as toys or furniture items which you could easily step on or fall over.

Call a Professional to Help

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Time to Enter

Once you are sure that it’s safe to enter, make your way into your home and look for the most likely culprits, such as:
  • Any toilets which may have been giving your problems lately, such as not filling up properly or requiring you to manually stop them filling.
  • Kitchen and bathroom faucets are next on the list of likely culprits.
  • Laundry faucets and pipes are next. If your washing machine is set to wash while you are away, it can be easy for a hose to come loose during its operation and cause your water problem.
  • If neither of the above is the reason for your flooding, take a tour of your home and listen out for any dripping or even hissing noises.

Remove Items

Once you have located and fixed the problems, it’s time to prepare for the arrival of Midland Cleanpro. In addition to opening any doors and windows to encourage airflow, take care of these items:
  • Start with any furniture items which you can move yourself as these are likely still absorbing water and can lead to mold growth or furniture damage.
  • Any furniture items such as cushions or even plush toys which have made their way onto the floor.
  • Once these are taken care of, start removing any and all remaining furniture to get the space ready for restoration.
If possible, move these items outside and into direct sunlight to assist in drying them as quickly as possible.

Water Damage Restoration and Carpet Cleaning in Midland, TX

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