What do you and your carpets have in common? You can both go bald. Find out how it can happen and what you can do to prevent it from happening to your carpets.

Bad Carpet Cleaning Methods Can Damage Your Carpets

All fabrics come with different care instructions. Some you have to dry clean, others you have to wash in cold water, some materials can go into the dryer, and others need to be dried flat. You already know all of that if you follow your clothing's care instructions. You've probably lived the shrinking experience with some of your clothes, right? Well, carpets are made of fabric too, which means they can also shrink without the proper care and the correct carpet cleaning methods. As if shrinking wasn't enough, they can also go bald! Midland Cleanpro doesn't want that to happen to your carpets, so they've prepared this post to inform you about why balding and shrinkage can occur and how you can prevent it.

Shrinking Carpets

How awful would it be if after a deep carpet cleaning you find that your carpet has somehow shrunk? It can happen, but just not to every carpet. Carpet shrinking can only happen to Axminster and Wilton carpets. If you don’t have one of those, then you’re safe. If you do, here’s what you should know. Axminster carpets have a natural fiber backing (jute) and an interwoven wool face fiber. The wool absorbs most liquids, but if they manage to make it to the backing and the jute is left wet, it can result in shrinkage. Wilton carpets have a jute backing as well and a polypropylene face fiber. This synthetic fiber isn’t really absorbent, so most of the liquids seep straight into the backing, potentially making your carpets shrink. Why it happens: Some of the reasons why carpets shrink are because of excessive liquid, low-quality cleaning tools, or really hot water. Certain carpet cleaning companies still use a lot of soap and water to remove deep-set stains. If not dried properly, the excess water can make carpets shrink, smell, and potentially grow mold.  If you decide to forgo a professional carpet cleaning and just rent the machines to do it yourself, you won’t get the results you’re aiming for. These devices don’t have enough power to suck out most of the liquid. As a result, they leave the backing jute wet. Lastly, the same as with your clothes, excessive heat or really hot water can cause carpet fibers to shrink. What you can do: Unfortunately, after your carpets have shrunk, you won’t be able to restore them back to their former size. You can prevent shrinkage from happening by avoiding taking on the job on your own and instead calling a reliable carpet cleaning company in Midland-Odessa, TX. You need a carpet expert who knows how to deal with specific fiber types and has the equipment for the job. Midland Cleanpro is the carpet cleaning company you need. Call them at (615) 208-0908 to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment and learn more about how to take care of your carpets. Let the carpet cleaning experts help you.

Balding Carpets

You’re not the only one who can go bald, so can your carpets! Over time, carpets in areas with high traffic can start thinning. Why it happens: The constant grinding of dirt from people’s shoes digging deeper and deeper into the carpet can tear the carpet fibers. First, they start to lose their volume, and eventually the fibers begin to fall apart. Even the carpets made for heavy use such as the ones made from nylon, wool, or olefin can be damaged. The other reason why carpets go bald is much more unpleasant. You might be dealing with a pest infestation. This doesn’t mean your carpet cleaning skills are inadequate. Insects feel a natural attraction to certain fibers and the keratin protein found in them. Not only do carpets make tasty meals, but they are also the ideal place for beetles and carpet moths to make their home and lay their eggs. Once those eggs hatch, bugs start munching away on those fibers. When you’re vacuuming your carpets, pay close attention to moist and dark places underneath your furniture because that’s their dream destination. What you can do: You can’t make those carpet fibers grow back, but you can stop dirt from digging deeper into your carpets by not stepping on it with your shoes. Ask your guests to remove their shoes or at least wipe their shoes off on a mat before they step on your carpets. It might be an inconvenience, but at least your carpets will be safe. Also, try to wear socks at all times since your bare feet produce oils which can cause carpet stains. As for the pest infestation, a professional carpet cleaner can help you get rid of the insects. They know which natural and safe products to use to make the pests go away. If your carpets are already balding, you can patch them up by using a piece of that same rug to fill out that fiber-less spot.

Keep Your Carpets Nice and Fluffy With a Professional Carpet Cleaning in Midland-Odessa, TX

Maintain your carpets’ good looks, size, and texture by keeping them clean. Schedule your professional carpet cleaning appointment with Midland Cleanpro by calling them at (615) 208-0908. Their exclusive Ion Exchange System will leave your carpets like new.

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